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  • Hatching your own chicks

    Poultry Egg like- Turkey, geese, ducks, quail This  imported 1056 Eggs incubator is fully automatic, coming with egg tray  for turning eggs, torch, drinker, feeder, hatching basket, fully automatic control of temperature and humidity, automatic turning of eggs, AC/DC power, free back up generator. This is one of the best hatchery can hatch all […]

  • Poultry training course in Kenya

    Ecochicks is the leading home for poultry farming in Kenya The best way to up grade your hatching rates Nowadays, farmers and hen enthusiasts are using egg incubators to hatch eggs instead of relying on the natural process. this is because once a hen lays over her eggs, they are quite likely to be restless […]

  • Modern poultry farming in Kenya

    Modern digital incubators in Ecochicks is Affordable price in Kenya Eco incubators manufactures good quality egg hatchery and poultry houses, all at affordable prices. suitable for small, medium and large poultry farmers, these equipment are perfect for those starting their own hatcheries as well as established poultry businesses. Eco incubators are also breeders of exotic […]

  • Hatching chicks at home

    Ecochicks is the best home for poultry farming in Kenya How long can a fertilized egg live before incubation Hatchability holds reasonable well up to ten days , therefore, do not store eggs more than 10 days before incubating. plan ahead and have a regular hatching schedule in order to avoid storage problems and reduce […]

  • The hatching process incubator

    New Imported incubators in Ecochicks Incubator An incubator is an equipment where fertile eggs are deposited to complete their development until hatching. There are incubators where the eggs are positioned vertically or horizontally. Incubation In poultry production, incubation is the process where chicks are obtained from fertile eggs. It is a key process for the […]

  • Biggest poultry farming in Kenya

    Ecochicks is the Leading company selling the best highly Efficient incubators in Kenya Ecochicks is a company supplier of incubators for hatching poultry eggs in Kenya. we have the quality machine that are highly Efficient with high hatching rate Excellent Affordable prices compared to other supplier in the market, we offer full instruction and training […]

  • Chicken farming in Kenya business plan feed formula for poultry

    Ecochicks is the best company dealing with- Farm machineries, incubmators, cages, drinkers And all poultry Equipment Poultry farming has become the most considerable and profitable business in Kenya, you no longer need to struggle on how to extend your chicken farming and add your product for you to earn more profit in your business, Ecochicks […]

  • Egg hatchery business cost in Kenya

    2112 Eggs incubator in Ecochicks is Affordable price in Kenya Egg Capacity: 2112 Eggs Power: 600W/ 240V AC Automatic Control of: turning, ventilation, humidity, temperature, alarms, Free spares & Accessories Free training Setter and Hatcher combined Warranty: 1 year Hatch rate: 98% Advanced cold Humidity control system Separate Heating and Humidification Chamber with 2 fans […]

  • Egg hatching duration incubator with battery backup

    New Imported 64 Eggs full hatcher full setter automatic hatchery Automation Grade Automatic Egg Type Hen,Chicken,Goose,Duck Egg Turner Automatic Outer Body Material Plastic Inner Body Material Plastic Material High Grade Plastic Power 80 W Warranty 1 year High hatching rate Power 80w/12vDC/240vAC Micro-computer completely automatic hatchery Low power consumption 1 year warranty Discounted offer Free […]

  • 300 Eggs incubator price in Kenya

    New Digital 300 Eggs fully automatic solar powered incubator Welcome to our Eco company sell the best quality machines with fair price, we have both large and small scale incubators best for both large and small scale farming, 300 Eggs incubator can hatch all types of poultry eggs like chicken , duck, , turkey,  quail  […]