kari kienyeji chicken

KARI Kienyeji chicken Farming

Kenya Agricultural Research Foundation (Kari) has come up with a new breed of indigenous chicken that offers better yield called KARI Kienyeji chicken


  • The breed develops faster, is highly resistant to diseases and has high productivity.
  • It achieves 1.5kg in about five months when the rest of the indigenous breeds take up to seven months or more
  • ability to withstand harsh conditions is amazing

kari kienyeji chicken
kari kienyeji chicken
  • The feathering system makes it adjust faster than the time taken by others to acclimatise with any climatic conditions, including the arid and semi-arid regions.
  • The chicken is easy to maintain since it can be kept under the free range system or deep litter depending on a farmer’s financial ability and objectives
  • to mature faster or produce more eggs one is advised to keep them in a semi-intensive or deep litter system
  • Farmers in Kenya have an option of keeping them as layers, for meat or both.
  • A hen can produce between 220 and 280 eggs a year. This is almost similar to a white leghorn exotic layer kept in a deep litter system.
  • A fully grown kienyeji cockerel costs Sh1,000 while a hen costs Sh600.
  • You can use different ways to develop stock for any Kienyeji breed.

    1. Buy day old chick from trusted farmers doing breeding for the kienyeji breed
    2. Buy fertile eggs and hatch your own chicks
    3. Buy mature hens for meat or egg productions

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    Download KARI Kienyeji production manual here

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