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48 Eggs Incubator Operation Instructions Manual


Testing your unit for the first time:

1.       Connect the egg turner plug to the control plug inside the egg compartment.

2.       Connect the provided power supply to the front of the unit and your power source.

3.       Turn unit on.

4.       You will hear an alarm sounding due to low temperature/humidity.

5.       Press any of the green buttons to cancel the alarm.

6.       Lift incubator lid (caution egg turner connection plug/wire), fill water channel with ½ cup water.  Close lid and  the humidity reading will increase.

7.       Let the unit run for 2 hours, this will allow egg turner to turn once and the temperature/humidity readings will be stable.

8.       Place another thermometer inside the unit to compare temperature reading with unit digital

Setting the temperature.

1.       Push “SET’ once.

2.       Push “+” or “-“ to select the desire temperature.

3.       Push “SET” once more to exit

Adjusting Unit parameter settings.

1.       Press and hold “SET”  for 3 seconds.

2.       Push “+” or “-“ until code appears in the temperature screen reading.

3.       Push “SET”.

4.       Push “+” or “-“ to adjust to your desired setting.

5.       The unit will return to display setting within a few seconds.

Temperature alarm parameter settings

The temperature alarm is factory set to sound a 1°C over or below the set temperature.  This is sufficient and you do not need to make any changes to these settings.

1.       Low temperature alarm parameter setting = AL

2.       Higher temperature alarm parameter setting = AH

Humidity alarm parameter settings

The humidity alarm is factory set to sound at 45% humidity.  This is sufficient and you should not need to make adjustments to these settings.

1.       Low humidity alarm parameter setting = AS

2.       By filling both water channels the humidity should rise to 60% dependent on the local humidity levels and the time of year.

3.       Day 1 through Day 18 the humidity should measure 55% area.

4.       Day 19 through Day 21 the humidity should measure 60-65% during the hatch.

Note:  If you want a low humidity incubation hatch, adjust the humidity alarm parameter setting AS to 10%.  Depending on the room humidity, you will add only a small amount of water 30ml or 1/8 cup to water channels to begin with and  add 15ml when the humidity drops near 10% to maintain a 45% humidity.  Once the hatch begins do not take the lid off the incubator until you think all the chicks have hatched.

Note:  If you want a dry incubation hatch, adjust the humidity alarm parameter setting AS to 1-2%.  The humidity reading will be low depending on the room humidity level for Day 1 through Day 18.  Day 19 through Day 21 the humidity should measure 60-65% during the hatch, therefore add 30-60ml of water to the water channels.  Once the hatch begins do not take the lid off the incubator until you think all the chicks have hatched. 

Calibrating temperature sensor reading

The thermometer correct reading is set at 0°C.  The reading given by the thermometer can be adjusted if you find that the temperature reading is incorrect using a calibrated thermometer.

1.       Calibrating the temperature sensor measurement = CA

2.       Press and hold “SET” for 3 seconds.

3.       Push “+” or “-“ until code CA appears in the temperature screen.

4.       Push “SET”.

5.       Push “+” or “-“ to adjust to the correct measurement.

Note that the adjustment is the difference between the thermometer reading and should be with “-“ if the temperature reading of the incubator is too high and normal value (indicating + value) if the incubator reading is too low.

Using your incubator

1.       Test incubator to see that it is functioning properly.

2.       Connect egg turner.

3.       Fill water channel to desired humidity level.  Usually ½ to 1 cup at the beginning.

4.       Set eggs with pointy side down.

5.       Close incubator lid, turn switch on.

6.       Press reset button (left green button) to reset and start the day counter from “0”.

7.       Watch humidity levels and fill water channels as needed.

8.       Day 19 unplug egg turner and remove egg turner.

9.       Place eggs on the bottom grid.

10.   Fill both water channels to increase humidity.  Very important to ensure eggshells are soft enough for the chicks to break through shells.

11.   Avoid opening lid while chicks are hatching.  Opening lid reduces humidity level for unhatched chicks.

12.   After hatch is complete, clean unit with soap and water.  Avoid water contact to the lid, use air to blow debris away from the fan and heating element.

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