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Breed Profile: Kuroiler Chicken

Breed Name: Kuroiler.
Scientific Name: Gallus gallus domesticus.
Other Names: Kroiler, Croiler.
Temperament: Feeds continuously, Friendly and Forages well.
Purpose: Meat and Eggs.
Body Size: Large.
Broodiness: Poor.
Climate: Most Climates, can tolerate heat and cold.
Comb: Single.
Eggs Productivity: Medium.
Size of Eggs: Medium.
Colour of eggs: Brown.
Colour: Several colour varieties.

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The Kuroiler chicken is reared for both meat and eggs. It is a dual purpose breed. It is a hardy breed that can live on just eating agricultural and kitchen waste. Most indigenous chickens lay an average of 40 eggs per year, while Kuroiler lay about 150 eggs per year, while only feeding on agricultural and kitchen leftovers.

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