Incubator,Professional Cabinet Incubator,1056 Eggs Incubator Fully Automatic Poultry Hatcher Machine with Temperature Control,


  • Digital display of temperature, humidity and turning frequently, automatic hatching ,Automatically stop turning eggs.
  • 99% hatch-ability rate.
  • Color steel crust and the edge covered by aluminum alloy.It can keeping temperature very well.All of our accessories are high quality.
  • Electric automatic incubator has the advantages of small size, large capacity, small temperature difference, stable performance and high hatch rate.
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  • The most advanced intelligent temperature and humidity automatic controller is tightly integrated with the cabinet, and the sensitivity is less than or equal to 0.1,Double temperature and dual control, computer with two sets of humidification tube, fully automatic humidity control, Stable and reliable egg turning system, automatic work, precise angle control.
  • Temperature and humidity ; Microprocessor for precise measurement and control, imported high-precision digital temperature sensor and high-precision long-life humidity sensor, allows for temperature settings and easy operation which can show important information about temperature, humidity, hatching day and egg turning time
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