300 Eggs Automatic Temperature Humidity Monitoring and Auto Turning, for Hatching Chicken Duck Goose Quail Birds


This poultry hatcher machine offers more space for a total of 300 eggs for incubating. It is extremely user-friendly, easier to clean and more versatile than other smaller incubators. Ideal egg incubator for industrial grade series!

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  • The egg hatching incubator can rotate the eggs automatically every 2 hours to ensure the eggs are heated evenly and improve hatching speed, avoid adhesion of eggshells and egg trays, improve hatchability.
  • LED display can set temperature, you can judge whether to add water according to the humidity display, Help you get a instant and precise control over the incubator. To increase the water volume, you only need to add water from the outside of the incubator.
  • The led display enables temperature setting and simple operation, with important information on temperature, humidity, hatching and egg turning time being displayed; Temperature controlling ensure the eggs in an optimistic environment!
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