Automatic Egg Incubator Poultry Incubator 528 Eggs 6 Levels IN-EI-528 (Metal Housing, Plastic, 400W, 30-39.5 °C, Egg Candler, Automatic Egg Rotation)


  • Powerful—optimum heat and humidity with 400 W motor
  • Accessories—incl. egg candler to illuminate the eggshell
  • Universal—four different egg sizes: Chicken (528 eggs), goose (192), duck (378), quail (1,326)
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The egg incubator from our agricultural supply has a robust metal housing in which you can place up to six storage trays with eggs for incubating. The temperature, humidity and the turning of the eggs are automatically controlled, guaranteeing an optimal hatch rate. The incubator comes with a professional egg candler with which you can check the viability of the eggs through the eggshell.

The values for air humidity and temperature are clear and comfortable to adjust. You can also set the intervals for turning the eggs according to your wishes and the type of eggs, or rely on the default settings for the incubation process. All settings are automatically carried out by the incubator. The included egg candler enables you to check the development of the chicks.

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