Eggs Incubator Chicken Farming Poultry Hatching Automatic Incubator for Eggs Duck Wild Goose Birds (528 PCS 3 in 1 Model)


  • Innovative dual system: when the main system fails, the auxiliary control system will automatically start to ensure incubation, with high stability, and solve the problem of failure during the incubation process; temperature and humidity probe, measuring density of about 0.09%, control accuracy of about 4.9%RH, and more accurate control data , Real-time monitoring of incubation data to ensure safe incubation.
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Medium-sized Incubator
Egg Turning Mode
Automatic Egg Turning
Chicken, Reptile, Bird, Emu, Ostrich, Turkey, GOOSE, DUCK
Hatching Rate
220V-240V AC 50/60 HZ
1 Year
Applicable Industries
Farms, Home Use
Control Mod
Digital Micro-computer Control

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