60 Digital Egg Incubator Automatic Multifunction Poultry Hatcher with Temperature Control for Chickens Goose Duck Brooder, Easy to Use


Usage: bird, chicken, duck, goose, native chicken, quail

Egg capacity (pcs): 30 goose eggs, 60 eggs, 50 duck eggs, 80 bird eggs

  • EC certificated, With operation instructions included.
  • Includes user manual.
  • Manual turning
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It is suitable for family, laboratory or small farm, used for hatching chickens, black eggs, pigeon eggs, crane quail eggs and other poultry! The type, characteristics and living habits of viviparous animals can be understood through the egg decomposer.

This is a high quality poultry incubator that is easy to use poultry eggs incubator  are available in Kenya for hatching chicken eggs, quails and all types of birds. Top cover is transparent, fan position use dull polish process, nice, mellow heavy duty

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