Qualify Agriculture 2112 Eggs Automatic Incubator


  • High hatching
  • Automatic of turning eggs
  • Automatic control of  temperature and humidity
  • Power 600w/240v AC
  • Back up generator
  • Full hatcher full setter
  • Free delivery country wide
  • Low power consumption


  • The most advanced intelligent temperature and humidity automatic controller is tight integrated with the cabinet, temperature and humidity sensor-microprocessor for precise measurement and control, imported high precise digital temperature sensor and high precise long-life humidity sensor, allow for temperature settings and easy operation which can show important information about temperature, humidity hatching day and egg turning time, The best you want to know why it is so good-high hatching rate, the simple perfect operation, best is the price. A total holding capacity of 2112 eggs high quality stainless steel edge to protect the machine from damage and prevents scratching.
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Egg incubator
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