64 Eggs Incubator with 360° Automatic Egg Turning


  • Made from a durable material enables you to keep the incubator clean and bacteria free for years of problem free incubation of your valuable eggs.
  • The 64  egg incubator has a more than 90% chance of productivity. Meaning than more than 95% of the eggs will hatch into live chicks.
  • Has roller system that ensures proper 360  degrees turning. Two fans to ensure proper efficient circulation.
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hold64 eggs at one time, suitable for hatching chicken, duck, quail eggs, other poultry and bird eggs. Digital display of temperature, humidity, egg turning countdown and working days for clear observation. Built-in egg turner and smart temperature controller. Perfect for household, laboratory or teaching use!

The egg incubator has a rotatable gear at the bottom, which will automatically turn the egg every 1 hours after it is connected to the power supply. Fully automatic, no need to worry about uneven heating of the eggs. You can also manually turn it over by pressing the “▲” button.


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