528 Eggs Automatic Commercial incubator

528 egg incubator

528 Eggs Automatic Commercial incubator Features and specifications in Kenya

  • Capacity: 528 chicken eggs
  • Power: 350W/ 240V AC
  • Back-up: Free back-up generator
  • Controls: Automatic Control of turning, ventilation, humidity and temperature
  • Hatchery: Combined setter and hatcher.
  • Efficiency: High Hatching efficiency over 85%
  • Controls: Utilizes multi-function and microcomputer-based technology for accuracy.
  • Hatching: Equipped with standard automatic egg handling and corresponding baskets (basic equipment for chicken eggs).
  • Lifespan: Over 20 years lifespan
  • Delivery: Free delivery and training

Ksh 65,000

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528 Eggs Automatic Commercial incubator
KES 65000
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