About 8,800 laying hens and 1,100 roosters mill around two large checken houses on the Wright poultry farm. The wrights were 2012 recipients of the Poultry Farm Family of the year through the Alabama Poultry Federation.

Best Boiler Breeds in Kenya

A broiler chicken is a type of chicken that is raised specifically for meat production. Broiler chickens are typically bred and raised in controlled environments, such as chicken houses or sheds, with optimal conditions for growth and feed efficiency. They are usually harvested at a young age, around 6 to 8 weeks, when they reach the desired weight for meat production. Broiler chickens are the primary source of poultry meat in many countries, including Kenya.

  • Cobb 500
  • Ross 308

These two breeds are widely considered as the best broiler breeds in Kenya due to their:

  • Fast growth rate
  • High feed efficiency
  • Good meat quality.
Broiler chicken

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