Best Layers Breed in Kenya

A layer chicken is a type of chicken that has been specifically bred for commercial egg production. These chickens are known for their high egg-laying ability and are often used in commercial egg farms.

Layer chickens are usually kept in large poultry houses and are provided with the necessary conditions to maximize their egg production, such as proper nutrition, lighting, and temperature control.

There are many breeds of chicken suitable for commercial egg production in Kenya, but some of the most common and well-suited breeds include:

  1. Rhode Island Red
  2. Leghorn
  3. Sussex
  4. Maran
  5. Plymouth Rock

It’s important to note that the best breed for a specific farm depends on factors such as local climate, available resources, market demand, and personal preference. It’s always a good idea to do some research and consult with experienced poultry farmers in your area to determine the best breed for your needs.

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