Case study on poultry farming in Kenya

Poultry farming is a popular agricultural activity in Kenya, and it has gained momentum over the years due to the high demand for chicken meat and eggs. In this case study, we will explore a successful poultry farming business in Kenya.

Business Overview:

The farm, which is located in Kiambu County, is owned and managed by Jane, a young entrepreneur who started the business in 2015. Jane’s primary objective was to produce quality poultry products for the local market and generate income to support her family.

Farm Set-Up:

The farm has 1,000 birds, which include broilers and layers. The birds are kept in two spacious, well-ventilated chicken houses with modern facilities that provide optimal living conditions for the birds. The chicken houses are equipped with feeders and drinkers that are automated to ensure that the birds have access to clean water and feed all the time. The farm also has a separate hatchery and a processing facility that is used to process the poultry products.

Feeding and Health:

The birds are fed on a high-quality, balanced diet that contains all the essential nutrients required for optimal growth and productivity. The farm also has a strict vaccination and health management program that ensures that the birds are protected from diseases and parasites.

Marketing and Sales:

The farm sells its products through a combination of channels, including local retailers, supermarkets, and direct sales to consumers. Jane has established strong relationships with local retailers and supermarkets, which have allowed her to secure regular orders for her products. Additionally, the farm has a strong online presence, with a website and social media accounts that are used to promote and sell its products.

Challenges and Solutions:

One of the biggest challenges that Jane faced when she started the business was a lack of capital to expand the farm and invest in modern facilities. To overcome this challenge, she applied for a loan from a local bank and used the funds to build modern chicken houses and purchase modern equipment.

Another challenge that the farm faces is competition from other poultry farms in the region. To stay ahead of the competition, the farm focuses on producing high-quality products and maintaining good relationships with its customers.


In conclusion, poultry farming is a viable business opportunity in Kenya, and with the right set-up, management, and marketing strategies, it can be a lucrative source of income for farmers. Jane’s farm is an excellent example of a successful poultry farming business in Kenya, and her experience highlights the importance of proper planning, investment, and management to achieve success in this sector.

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