Eggs about to hatch

Here are some key steps to take when eggs are about to hatch:

  1. Maintain incubator conditions: Keep the temperature and humidity levels in the incubator stable and within the recommended range. Avoid opening the incubator unnecessarily to prevent fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
  2. Prepare a brooder: Set up a brooder, which is a warm, draft-free environment that provides heat, food, and water for the newly hatched chicks. The brooder should be ready and waiting for the chicks as soon as they hatch.
  3. Candling: Candle the eggs a few days before hatching to determine if the embryos are ready and to identify any eggs that are not developing properly.
  4. Watch for hatching signs: Once the eggs are ready to hatch, you may see signs such as the chick starting to peck at the shell from the inside, or you may hear chirping from within the egg.
  5. Do not assist in hatching: Once the chicks have pipped (made a small hole in the shell), it is best to let them hatch on their own. Do not assist in the hatching process unless it is absolutely necessary, as this can cause harm to the chick.
  6. Transfer to the brooder: Once the chicks have hatched, carefully remove them from the incubator and place them in the brooder. Provide warmth, food, and water, and make sure they are safe and comfortable.
  7. Monitor the chicks: Regularly check on the chicks in the brooder to make sure they are healthy and thriving. Observe their behavior and make any necessary adjustments to the brooder environment to ensure their well-being.
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