Hatchery for hatching poultry Eggs price in Kenya

Ecochicks sells the best quality machines in Kenya with fully automatic display of temperature and humidity, automatic turning of eggs every after 2 hours.

528 Eggs dependable hatchery in Kenya

  • Egg Capacity is 528 eggs
  • Power: 400W/ 240V AC
  • Automatic Control of: turning, ventilation, humidity, Temperature, alarms,
  • Free spares & Accessories
  • Free training
  • Setter and Hatcher combined
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Hatch rate: 98%
  • Advanced cold Humidity control system
  • Separate Heating and Humidification Chamber with 2 fans to give slow cyclic air circulation to make the humidity and temperature even throughout the incubator
Digital hatchery

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