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New brand 64 Eggs Automatic hatchery

Egg Capacity: 64 Eggs
Automatic Control of: turning, ventilation, humidity, temperature, alarms, etc
Comes with Free spares & Accessories (Feeders, Drinkers, Cables, Torch, Water bottle)
Setter and Hatcher combined
Power: 80W /12V DC/ 240V AC
Can use either Solar/Battery or Electricity
Can preserve heat during a power blackout
Every incubator has very accurate and Calibrated PID Controller
Separate Heating and Humidification Chamber to give slow cyclic air circulation to make the humidity and temperature even throughout the incubator
Double layer trays allow to set eggs in stages
Hatch rate: 95%
Roller Turning system that ensures all eggs are well turned
Free training
Warranty: 12 Months
Hatch rate: 95%

Affordable hatchery

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