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Ecochicks Poultry Ltd is the top incubator supplier in Kenya. All our incubators come fitted with an automatic controller for temperature, humidity and turning of eggs.

256 Eggs AC/DC Fully Automatic incubator

  • Egg Capacity is 256 eggs
  • Automatic Control of: turning, ventilation, humidity, temperature, alarms, e.t.c
  • Setter and Hatcher combined
  • Power:100W /12V DC/ 240V AC
  • Can use either Solar/Battery or Electricity
  • Can preserve heat during a power blackout
  • Every incubator has very accurate and Calibrated PID Controller
  • Separate Heating and Humidification Chamber to give slow cyclic air circulation to make the humidity and temperature even throughout the incubator
  • Double layer trays allow to set eggs in stages
  • Hatch rate: 98%
  • Roller Turning system that ensures all eggs are well turned
  • Free training
  • Warranty: 12 Months
  • Hatch rate: 98%
  • FREE DELIVERY country wide
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