Rotating egg incubator

A rotating egg incubator is a device used to hatch eggs, typically chicken eggs, by providing a controlled environment for the eggs to develop.

The incubator rotates the eggs periodically to simulate the movement of a mother hen and to ensure proper embryo development.

The incubator typically consists of a temperature-controlled chamber, a heating element, a fan for air circulation, and a system for controlling humidity levels.

The rotating mechanism helps to distribute the yolk evenly around the embryo and provides a uniform environment for the eggs, improving hatch rates and reducing the risk of embryo mortality.

Rotating egg incubators are commonly used in small-scale poultry production, educational settings, and by hobbyists who enjoy hatching and raising chickens.

It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure optimal conditions for the eggs and to avoid over- or under-heating, which can negatively impact hatch rates.

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