Egg Incubator 128 Eggs Fully Automatic Poultry Hatcher Machine with Led Candler Egg Turning and Temperature Control for Hatching Chicken Duck Goose Quail


digital display at a glance.
With built-in fan and forced air, fertilized eggs are evenly heated.
Easy and fast to use.

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Automatic Egg-Turning: This egg incubator has automatic egg-turning function, it gently rolls the eggs every 2 hours, keeping the eggs heated evenly to enhance incubation efficiency.

Temperature Adjustable: Egg incubation box with a “warm jacket” saves energy and maintains temperature balances so normal hatching in lower temperature environments.

Transparent Cover: This egg incubator uses transparent cover that you can see the working principle of equipment and hatching process with the transparent cover.

Wide Range of Use:This incubator is suitable for all kinds of chickens, ducks, quail, geese, birds, pigeons, etc. It can hold 128 eggs of normal size when hatching.

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