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New model incubator 128 capacity with automated controllers and turnings.

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Original price was: KSh25,000.00.Current price is: KSh20,000.00.

Automatic egg-turning design, motor will automatically turn the eggs once and automatically turn the eggs every two hours, have hatched chicks little difficult to reduce deaths, increase the hatching rate.Removable egg tray, egg tray and versatility can be achieved egg tray mixed use, easy to disassemble, greatly increases the value of the incubator.
Closed water use, to Upgrade sink base, to meet the requirements incubator humidity.
ensure the stability of temperature and humidity.Wet temperature of the circulatory system.Temperature control, when the iner Temperature above 39.5 degrees, or below 37, the alarm will be sounded.

Our Incubators assists farmers in starting their own poultry businesses. We give specialist advice and information which enables any emerg-ing farmer to start a hatchery and successfully run a poultry business.

We have generalized the prices depending on number of eggs an incubator holds plus some free additional benefits when you order. Below is a list of our prices

6 reviews for New model incubator 128 capacity with automated controllers and turnings.

  1. Mkulima wa Ecochicks

    Good incubator

  2. Mosoti oyugi John

    Can I get one?am John from Kenya, Nairobi

  3. Mosoti oyugi John

    In need of one

  4. Charles

    I need this contact please 0728588052

    • Mkulima wa Ecochicks


    • Mkulima wa Ecochicks

      Thank you. We are located at Wakulima House 1st floor, Haile Selasie Avenue. Call us on 0727087285

  5. Charles

    I’m in need of one. Where are located

  6. James mukubi

    Need to see the pictures

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