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Intelligent control egg incubator

  • Can hold up to 192 eggs
  • Power: 80W/12V DC/240V AC
  •  Automatic controls of temperature, humidity, ventilation and turning of eggs
  • Combined setter and hatcher
  • Fully powered by solar

KSh30,000.00 KSh35,000.00

  • Capacity: 192 eggs
  • High hatching rate: designed to maximize the number of eggs that hatch successfully
  • Precise temperature control: ensures optimal conditions for embryo development
  • Automatic egg turning: simulates the natural process of a hen turning her eggs to prevent embryonic adhesions and promote even heat distribution
  • Digital display: allows for easy monitoring of temperature and humidity levels
  • Humidity control: helps maintain the appropriate moisture level for successful hatching
  • User-friendly design: easy to operate and maintain
  • Energy efficient: uses minimal energy while providing reliable performance

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