528-1232 Eggs Intelligent Automatic Egg Hatcher,Temperature Humidity Control,Automatic Turning,for Chicken Duck Dove Quail,528 Egg


Incubator is made for all sorts of chickens, ducks, quails, gooses, birds, pigeon, etc. It can accommodate 48 normal size eggs when hatching.
If you are using small size, it will accommodate more. Ideal for those who need to hatch large numbers of fertilized eggs. Easy to use and clean, save your time.

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  • Automatic water supply, coal and electricity dual-purpose system: The automatic water supply system is designed according to the principle of natural gravity. Put the water pipe-head in the bucket (the bucket is higher than the small hole at the bottom of the machine) and the other end is connected to the ball valve of the water pan. The principle of gravity, the water will flow out slowly, and the water valve will automatically float when the water is full to realize the automatic stop function
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