528 brand new automatic egg incubator with digital LED displays

Original price was: KSh60,000.00.Current price is: KSh55,000.00.

1.Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency

2.Full automatically temperature controlling

3.Full automatically humidity controlling

4.Full automatically eggs turning

5.Full automatically alarming 

6.Full automatically cooling and ventilator

7.Back emergency system

8.Microcomputer, completely automatic incubator

9.Using coal ,electricity two heating method

10.Hatching rate more than 98%.

The automatic multi-function incubator researched and produced by our company uses the more popular microcomputer-based technology,which makes this instrument miniaturization intelligent ,high measurement accuracy, This incubator is stable and reliable,time-saving ,labor-saving ,and easy-to-use, It is the ideal incubation equipment for propagation of poultry and rare birds and small medium-sized hatchery***Automatic Egg Incubator Feature:

1.High economic benefit:Use electricity as the main heat source, coal as the assisstant, including honeycomb briquette,eggette,coal cake,charcoal,liquefied gas,etc.Also it can keep homoiothermal by replacing the hot water;The incubator breed on top, hatcher below ,
2.Power on/cut:Automatic control with power on;Manual supervisory control with power cut.It can operate after power cut for a certain time;
3.Safe and reliable:The stove first heat the water in heater, steam, hot water hose into the water pond, stoves, machines separate, the machine safe without smelly.The incubator selected high insulation nickel chrome plastic packets to heat.
4.Dual warming tube & humidification tube;Dual on off control for warming & humidification;
5.Two-heating pipe, two wetting, double switch control heating and humidifying system.
6.Saving Electricity:50% saved compared with old incubator;


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