Incubator 528 Eggs 6 Egg Shelves 400 W LED Light Automatic Tilt.


  • fully automatic incubator with 6 inserts and a collection basket
  • Temperature – Intelligent heat control between 30 and 39.5 °C
  • Powerful – optimal heat and humidity with 751 W motor
  • Accessories – Includes light lamp for illuminating the eggshells
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The Incubato incubator is characterised by its clear control panel with 4 LED indicators. The humidity or temperature values can be clearly and conveniently adjusted. The time intervals for moving the eggs can also be adjusted according to your ideas and the type of egg. All settings are fully automatically performed by the incubator. Thanks to the included safety lamp, the development of the chicks can be checked. To inspect the interior from the outside, a viewing window is integrated into the door.

528 standard size eggs, 192 goose eggs or alternatively 378 duck eggs can be bred simultaneously on six tiers. The egg trays such as the basket can be easily removed from the interior for cleaning the device. The temperature can be adjusted in the range of 30 °C to 39.5 °C in the incubator to a decimal place, which is kept constant by the incubator. The automatic movement mechanism gently tilts the eggs 45° to the right and to the left.

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