Medium-sized automatic chicken duck goose quail egg incubator 528 Eggs Capacity


  • Eggs capacity is 528 eggs
  • Power consumption is 350W with 240V AC
  • Digital intelligent controller for temperature, humidity, ventilation and turning of eggs.
  • Setter and hatcher combined
  • 1 year warranty
  • Free training
  • Free delivery countrywide
  • Free back up generator
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  • This automatic incubator is to incubate and hatch up to 528 eggs at once.
  • It has automatic temperature and humidity control to create an optimal environment for egg development.
  • The incubator has multiple trays to hold the eggs, and uses automatic turning mechanisms to ensure even development.
  • It also includes features like alarms or notifications to alert users of any issues with temperature or humidity.
  • This automatic incubator is useful for breeders or hatcheries looking to efficiently hatch large numbers of eggs with minimal manual intervention.


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