1 Day Old Kuroiler Chicks


  • Kuroiler hens mature between two and four months
  •  Hens weigh approximately 2.5-3 kg
  • They start laying at 3-4 months
  • Males weighs around 4.5 kg
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What is Improved  Kienyeji chicken?

There are Kari improved, Kuroiler, Kenbro and Rainbow Roaster.
The term ‘improved Kienyeji’ generally refers to an indigenous chicken breed obtained from natural cross-breeding between two superior breeds of Kienyeji chickens or a Kienyeji chicken and an exotic breed.

Is Kienyeji chicken farming profitable in Kenya?

Poultry farming is becoming one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya due to demand of kienyeji chicken by big hotels and restaurants. … The improved kienyeji chicken – this type of chicken is reared for meat production in Kenya. These chickens grow faster and are usually ready for market after approximately 3 months.


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