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1056 Eggs Genuine full hatcher full setter automatic incubator

Original price was: KSh75,000.00.Current price is: KSh70,000.00.

  • High hatching rate
  • Fully automatic control of temperature and humidity
  • Fully automatic turning of eggs
  • Discounted offer
  • Full instruction and guides on how to hatch
  • Micro-computer completely automatic hatchery
  • Low power consumption
  • This  imported 1056 Eggs incubator is fully automatic, coming with egg tray  for turning eggs, torch, drinker, feeder, hatching basket, fully automatic control of temperature and humidity, automatic turning of eggs, AC/DC power, free back up generator. This is one of the best hatchery can hatch all types of poultry eggs like chicks, ducks, geese, turkey, quail and many more poultry eggs. we have both large, medium and small incubators best for all poultry farmers, full instruction and guides on how to use the machine.
    • Automatic egg turning system: no damage to breeding eggs. The power of the egg turning system comes from a brushless motor. Compared with the hub motor, it is quieter, more powerful, sustainable and stable egg turning, and improves the hatching rate;   the actual temperature is clearly visible.
    • The incubator is made of stainless steel, and the appearance and quality of the aluminum alloy rim are further guaranteed. It insulation performance and saves energy. LARGE CAPACITY – The digital incubators hold 1056 eggs and it is easy to clean and easy to use with instructions included.
    • Egg Capacity: 1056 Eggs

    • Power: 600W/ 240V AC

    • Automatic Control of: turning, ventilation, humidity, Temperature, alarms,

    • Free spares & Accessories

    • Free training

    • Setter and Hatcher combined

    • Warranty: 1 year

    • Hatch rate: 98%

    • Advanced cold Humidity control system

    • Separate Heating and Humidification Chamber with 2 fans to give slow cyclic air circulation to make the humidity and temperature even throughout the incubator



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