1232 brand new fully automatic egg incubator with auto turning


Basic information of egg hatching machine price
The aluminium alloy profile
Chicken egg incubator Capacity:
Chicken eggs: 1232
Duck eggs: 882
Bird eggs: 3094
Goose eggs: 504

Warranty: 1 years
Voltage: 160-240V
Temperature-37.8.  Egg hatching machine price Features:
Fully Automatic chicken incubator
1. Mirco-computer controlled on temperture&humidify
2. Energy can be electricity&coal
3. Automatic egg turning, automatic alarm on temperature&humidify
4. Energy-saving and environment protection
5. Easy to install, saving human resource and budget to maximise your profites

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  • Power consumption 3KW
  • Our incubator are engineered to work for between 15-20 years and all parts can easily be replaced by our Technician
  • Our incubator are made of elegant material that are good in appearance
  • Edge is covered by aluminum alloy that makes the incubator
  • All  incubator parts are imported
  • All our incubators are assembled locally,all parts imported
  • The incubator has 1 Computer controller,2 Heaters,14 Setters,2 Fans,Water bow and the door can be locked using keys
  • Water to incubator is automatically supplied from external reservoir
  • Full automatically alarming to alart incase of any adjustment needed
  • Digital displaying of temperature,humidity and turning frequency
  • fan with automatic heating and roller humidifying system
  • Trolley egg-frame for easy operating, inside disinfecting and cleaning.
  • Can stay upto 8 hrs without Power


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