1232 brand new fully automatic egg incubator with digital egg turners

This incubator is fully automatic, it can control temperature and humidity automatically, turn eggs  automatically and  alarm automatically. you can use this machine to hatch any eggs without changing any factory setting .

The incubator is fully automatic and can be used to hatch all types of bird’s eggs such as Goose,Turkey,Chicken and many more
It has the ability to last for 4 hours during a power blackout and can use any source of power such as a Generator,Solar or Battery/Inverter
The incubator comes with a 6 months warranty and after sales services plus a 24 hour support
It is made out of high quality industrial parts with a longer lifespan of over 10 years

The intelligent control panel offers a wide range of settings:
– temperature
– humidity level
– temperature and humidity alarm settings
– max and min temperature setting limits
– egg turning speed and frequency
– ventilation time and frequency
– temperature sensor calibration
– humidity sensor calibration

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1.Digital Microcomputer automatic hatching machine

2. The aluminum alloy profile

3. Capacity: Chicken eggs: 1232 Duck eggs: 882
Goose eggs: 504 Bird eggs: 3094

4. Size: 121*78*151cm
5. Weight: 100kgs
6. Voltage: 220-240V
7. Power: 400W
8. Package: Wooden Carton
9. MOQ: 1 Set

Features for Egg Incubator:
Fully Automatic Chicken Egg Incubator
1. Mirco-computer controlled on temperture & humidify
2. Energy can be electricity & coal
3. Automatic egg turning, automatic alarm on temperature&humidify
4. Energy-saving and environment protection
5. Easy to install, saving human resource and budget to maximise your profit. Specialized in the egg incubators for many years, Have agent in Kenya.
1. It is the deluxe version with a high quality, Accurate electonic heat and humidity controller instead of the cheap and nasty waffle-plaste system seen on other incubators.
2. The incubator has a two-fan cooling/heating system, with a sepate air heater coil at the top and a water heater element in the water bath below.
3. The system includes a large plastic hatching basket, Which will work as a brooder for the first couple of days of the chicks life.
4. The entire system is programmable via the control unit, Which is conveniently located at the top of the incubator, and is very easy to set for optimal results.
5. We have one of these working now and it is a very good incubator, You will find the your ideal machine here!


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