264 brand new fully automatic egg incubator with automated controllers

Automatic temperature and humidity control


1)Automatic egg turner, it will turn every two hours.

2) High and low temperature alarm, high and low humidity alarm.

The design will guide the comfortable surrounding for fertilized

hen eggs.

3)Recorded days of incubation, customers never be bothered by

forgetting days, energy-saving design.

4)A cute window on the incubator door for customers to seesaw

the specific working in the hatching, customers will be happy for

that ^^ 🙂

6) Easy to operate. Automatic temperature and humidity control,

    and with easy- pressed button on the incubator .

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Product Description

These professional incubators are very stable, energy-efficient and provide excellent hatching results. They’re equipped with a very sturdy egg turning mechanism that can hold different egg trays depending on the type of eggs to be incubated. Both temperature and humidity within the incubator are fully automatically maintained and easily set on the digital control panel. The necessary humidity levels are maintained by a heating element within the water tank along with a fan which instantly pulls out the necessary humidity if it gets too high. The second powerful fan takes care of even temperature on the inside of the incubator.


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