264 capacity Fully automatic egg incubator with digital LED display and turning


1.Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency


2.Full automatically temperature controlling


3.Full automatically humidity controlling


4.Full automatically eggs turning


5.Full automatically alarming


6.Full automatically cooling and ventilator


7.Back emergency system


8.Microcomputer, completely automatic incubator


9.Hatching rate more than 98%

Product Details

Incubator for hatching eggs
Fully automatic egg turning and autostop for maintaining embryo health
Microcontroller for managing incubator functions, such as temperature, through menu on digital display
Fan-assisted airflow for even heating of eggs
Chamber with clear sides for viewing eggs
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 It is suitable for the farmers and specialized households to incubate chickens, ducks and geese etc. Power on/cut: automatic control with power on; manual supervisory control with power cut.It can operate after power cut for 7 hours time;


Micro-computer controlled on temperature & humidity;Automatic egg turning, automatic alarm on temperature & humidity.Using the world popular microcomputer technology, intelligent computer digital display, precise in control system.

Model: E264, incubators, Structure: color steel plate and aluminum material, All-in-one machine with reliable and precise temperature and humidity control, Vent system: scientific and cyclic, Voltage: 200V, Power: 200W, Capacity: 264 chicken eggs, 126 duck eggs, 96 goose eggs, Warranty: 1 years


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