264 fully brand new automatic egg incubator




1.Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency


2.Full automatically temperature controlling


3.Full automatically humidity controlling


4.Full automatically eggs turning


5.Full automatically alarming


6.Full automatically cooling and ventilator


7.Back emergency system


8.Microcomputer, completely automatic incubator


9.Hatching rate more than 98%

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 Instruction of the incubator 

1.Temperature, humidity and turning frequency are digital displaying, also adjustable according to your actual request.


2. Automatic turning system with tilting the eggs 45°, once per two hour ; you can set the turning interval time you need.


3. Automatic air cooling system and automatic ventilator.


4. A glass window in the door, you can see the whole hatching process through the window.


5. Big middle fan with automatic heating and roller humidifying system.


6. Backup emergency and alarming system for insurance using.

7. Made of polyester, double wall construction for a perfect insulation.


8. Trolley egg-frame for easy operating, inside disinfecting and cleaning.


9. Inside light.


10. The incubator combines the setter and Hatcher together in one.


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