56 automatic roller incubator with digita LED display and auto turning

(1) High refined design with streamlined shape

(2) For the beginner to the professional, the most competitive with high quality

(3) Automatic digital display temp & Humidity setting and Control function

(4) Temperature and humidity calibration and setting function by user(Factory setting: 35-40 C)

(5) Temperature digital display,

(6) Automatic egg turning available with Auto egg tray(egg Van) as per 2 hour

(7) Duplicated insulation base by bottom body and egg tray

(8) Universal Tray for all egg types

(9) Power supply 110-240V AC 50/60HZ

(10) Room temperature range -20-35 C

(11) Room humidity range -20-70% Rh

——How to operate 56 egg incubator :


1. Please add water when you start to use it

2. Please preheat before the machine start to work, check whether it is 38°C or not, if

not, pls set it to be 38°C according to press-button instruction.

3. Please check whether the two LED lights are on or not.

4. Please turn off the power after preheating. Fill the water pan with water, put it under

the egg tray and put eggs into egg tray, then put on the lid of machine and turn on power.

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Product features

  • 【56 Eggs】 Allow 56 eggs to put in. Suitable for chickens, ducks, gooses, quails, birds, pigeon, etc.Transparent base for visibility of eggs hatching, perfect for incubation industry, lessons and demonstrations.
  • 【Auto-Turning】 Automatic egg turning every 2 hours (note: It is invisible to see the turner work, but it did turn and work, And you don’t need to turn the eggs manually.)
  • 【Transparent Outer Shell】 which clear window surrounding the eggs you’ll be able to see the entire incubation process without interrupting.If you are a poultry raising beginner or you are interested in hatching small broods this portable mini incubator is great for incubating almost all kinds of eggs of any size.
  • 【Intelligent Control System】 Built-in fan to circulate the air for even temperature and humidity; LED display shows temperature, humidity, hatching day and egg turning countdown time; Digital temperature control for easy operation.
  • 【Size Parameters】CE certificated. Whole Size: 19.1 x 17.9 x 6.6inch (L x W x H); Incubator Size: 15.2 x 14.6inch (L x W).Temperature: 38℃±1℃; Voltage: 110V; Power: 90W.

Product description

ECOCHICKS 56 Egg Incubator Digital Automatic Incubators Poultry Hatcher Eggs Incubation Tunner for Chicken Duck Goose Quail Turkey Tuttle Birds Fertilized Eggs

Automatic turn egg function for heating evenly.
Basket-style hollow egg tray provides good air circulation.
Alarm of over temperature and humidity for protecting eggs.
Precise temperature and humidity sensors for easy control.
Multi-compartment sink for adding water according to different position of eggs.

Eggs capacity: 56 Eggs( Normally Chicken Eggs)
Auto egg turning: Every 2 hours
Control system: Fully digital intelligent control system
Product Size: 19.1 x 17.9 x 6.6inch (L x W x H); Incubator Size: 15.2 x 14.6inch (L x W).Temperature: 38℃±1℃; Voltage: 110V; Power: 90W.

Package Content

1 x Egg Incubator
1x Foam Protection
1 x Power Cord


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