56 capacity automatic egg incubator with digital controllers


  • This egg incubator has a Micro-computer controller automatic controlled temperature, humidity, egg-turning
  • Mini eggs incubator electricity motor is the main part of mini chicken incubator egg-turning system. Mini chicken incubator is responsible for controlling egg turning of egg tray. Egg turning angle is 45 degree. Mini incubator will automatically turn eggs.
  • Water tank/channel hold water to keep humidity. So mini chicken incubator will automatically control mini incubator 60 % when there are water in water tank .
  • Hatching space is a white plastic net . You can put egg tray out of mini chicken incubator after about 18 days . Then you had better to put eggs on white plastic net for hatching , because eggs will go out its shell after about 18 days .
  • Mini chicken incubator tray is incubation place, you can put eggs into egg tray to setter or incubate eggs
  • Temperature sensor will sense mini chicken incubator inside actual temperature and pass the data to mini incubator micro-computer controller. So micro-computer controller will display mini chicken incubator temperature automatically.
  • Humidity sensor will sense mini chicken incubator automatic inside actual humidity and pass to mini incubator micro-computer controller. So micro-computer controller will display chicken incubator humidity automatically.
  • Hot air fan will automatic diffuse temperature, which makes chicken incubator temperature inside uniform.
  • Heating pipe are responsible for heating temperature. It will stop working until mini egg incubator temperature arrive at 37.8 degree . Then mini chicken incubator automatic will keep temperature all the time .
  • Automatic reserve the hatching data even when it is power failure.

eggs incubator specification

  • Fully automatic, Digital precise DIGITAL TEMPERATURE  CONTROL.
  • High refined design with streamlined shape
  • Automatic 2 hourly egg turning
  • Automatic Egg Turner egg tray as per 2 hours
  • 150MM FAN for excellent air circulation and even incubator temperature.
  • Adjustable temperature setting
  • Large glazed 4 window observation lid
  • Suitable for ALL POULTRY – Chickens, Ducks, Goose, Turkey, Quail waterfowl through to parrots and birds & etc.
  • Separate water channels for HUMIDITY MANAGEMENT.
  • Automatic hatching Days Display
  • All foam box packing Packaging appear well able to avoid any damage
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Ecochicks automatic 56eggs incubators and home egg hatching machines qre equipped with 1 egg tray, Microprocessor for precise control  strategies, digital temperature sensors and humidity sensors has high-precision and long life.

  1. Efficient eggs incubator is automatic in temperature ,humidity ,alarm and egg turning control.
  2. These egg incubator are all suitable for incubation and hatching .
  3. We use color plate housing for incubator’ s appearance and adopt seesaw egg turning structure.
  4. Intelligent Hatch Controller
  5. Multi-function egg tray,the egg fits can put chicken eggs, duck eggs and quail eggs .
  6. Micro-computer controller automatic controlled temperature, humidity, egg-turning.
  7. Hot air fan will automatic diffuse temperature, which makes chicken incubator temperature inside uniform.


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