56 fully automatic egg incubator with auto turnings and digital controllers

-Suitable for family, laboratory, farm, for a variety of incubation.
-All-digital intelligent control system, precise control of temperature.
-Accommodates up to 56 eggs, easy for observation.
-The inside temperature and humidity are exceeded, it will automatically activate the alarm function.
-Can turn eggs automatically every 2 hours.
-One water bottle for adding water accurately and conveniently.
-LED display shows temperature, humidity, hatching day and egg turning countdown time.
Package Included:
1x Egg Incubator (include plug wire and water bottle)
  • 【Large Capacity】This incubator is made for all sorts of chickens, ducks, quails, gooses, birds, pigeon, etc. It can accommodate 56 normal size eggs when hatching. If you are using small size, it will accommodate more. Easy to use and clean, save your time.
  • 【LED Display And Digitl Controls】The incubator is equipped with an LED electronic display, which is capable of intuitive display temperature, humidity, hatching day, egg turning time, digital temperature control, this all allows for efficient monitoring and close care for easy operation.
  • 【Automatic Turning Eggs】The auto turners automatically turn the eggs around every 2 hours to improve hatch speed. The auto rotate egg turner saves the times and hassle of constantly having to open the incubator avoid releasing the precious humidity. Also auto turn feature allows for less human touching and decreases the chance of spreading germs or contaminates.
  • 【Education And Enertainment】We adapt transparent plastic cover, which is convenient to observe the whole process of hatching eggs, and can meet the research needs of data records, perfect for incubation lessons and demonstrations. Cultivate children’s exploration of life.
  • 【Service Guarantee】Buy this item with confidence. If there any issue with it, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will response and solve it within 24 hours. Your satisfaction is our top priority.
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Product description

Automatic Hatching 56 Eggs Incubator Built-In Egg Candler &Automatic Egg Turner Specification: Egg Capacity(pc): 56 eggs Input voltage: 110V Power(W): 80W Working temperature:23—27℃ Cons

  • For someone who wants just a few chicks to hatch at a time
  • Mainly used for chicken, duck, pigeon egg hatching, through to the temperature and the incubation Temperature setting can be used for different kinds of breeder eggs hatch
  • Laboratory observation or or families incubating in the backyard
  • Transparent lid allows observation of hatching process
  • Automatic egg-turning & candling inspection fuction
The eggs shoule be fresh fertilized eggs. Please add water and keep in 38℃ condition, after 18 days change temperature into 37.5℃.​
40-50 percent humidity must be maintained for the first 18 days; 65 to 75 percent humidity is needed for the final days before hatching.

Color: Yellow White Clear
Whole Size: 19.1″ x 17.9″ x 6.6″(L x W x H)
Incubator Size: 15.2″ x 14.6″ (L x W)
Capacity: 56 Eggs
Temperature: 38℃±1℃
Voltage: 110V
Power: 90W
Plug Type: US Plug


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