Cooking oil machine

It makes vegetable oils from

  •  simsim,
  • sunflower,
  • palm,
  • linseed
  • soybean,
  • peanut/groundnuts seeds and others
  1. The machine is digital and electric
  2. Voltage:220V
  3. Power:200W
  4. Material:Stainess Steel
  5. This cooking oil machine is computer controlled
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  • New generation household oil , DIY experience,fresh oil,  Additive-free, Preservative-free, Chemical-free
  • olive,peanut,soybean,rapeseed,sesame,walnut,teaseed,sunflower seed,almond,etc
  • Warranty time:6 months .  Warranty parts :3 months,

The vegetable cooking  oil machine ensures food safety, health, safe oil. It has  the

following characteristics:

  • small volume, the appearance of fashion, does not occupy space, smaller than the microwave oven
  • no noise, machine rotates, the volume of less than 60 dB, far below the Soybean Milk machine
  • a constant temperature heating oil rate – comparable to industrial oil level
  • The oil yield is for reference only, specific to the raw materials
  • The cooking oil is not adulterated, not the drainage oil
  • Motor power 150W, 5 hours before without any significant consumption of electricity. The 220V voltage, ordinary electricity
  • You can buy the raw materials from supermarket

High Efficiency and oil production.The total oil production rate is 40% -47%. (Depending on the quality of materials,slight floating of oil production rate.)

Easy operation
Just tap switch, input materials, and oil slag.
This cooking oil machine is computer controlled



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