Hatching incubator for all poultry kinds 96 capacity

1.Model: WQ-96
2.Automatic egg-turning design, motor will automatically turn the eggs once and automatically turn the eggs every two hours, have hatched chicks little difficult to reduce deaths, increase the hatching rate.
3.Removable egg tray, egg tray and versatility can be achieved egg tray mixed use, easy to disassemble, greatly increases the value of the incubator.
4.Closed water use, to ensure the stability of temperature and humidity.
5.Upgrade sink base, to meet the requirements incubator humidity.
6.Vented Enclosure – Vented incubation box ensures fresh air is introduced into the box
7.Multi-Purpose – Our egg incubator is perfect for Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Goose, and other eggs.
8.High Capacity – Our egg incubator holds 96 standard chicken eggs, 48 duck and goose eggs
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Our incubator is the pioneer in the field of manufacturing of incubators, pourlty farm and hatchers for family, are all suitable for incubation and hatching.  We have models from 48 eggs to 5000 eggs, or more bigger  capacity.  

Our incubator is digital, full automatic in egg turning control,  temperature, humidity, air and alarm.


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