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528 eggs hatching incubator with 1 year warranty

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Original price was: KSh60,000.00.Current price is: KSh55,000.00.


Fully automatic hatching machine;
Easy to clean;
Automatic temperature control;
Automatic turning of eggs;
Fan for air circulation;
LED display: temperature;
Alarm of over or under temperature for protecting eggs.
Dual power supply design: Don’t worry about power outage,
you can use 12V battery

This 528 Chicken egg incubator is a Incubation, hatching  and  brooding by one machine , it  is computer controlled system with full intelligence. It is designed for the incubation industry with employment of the latest type of microprocessor and electrical element. The processor used in this incubator controller is imported from Japan. The controller works with strong anti-jamming capability and high stability. The temperature sensor within it, which is imported from USA, measures in high precision and wide range. The high performance humidity sensor also works in high precision, and in addition, it could compensate the tempreature to make the performance more reliable. The four screens are designed in a user friendly way. Two of them show the temperature and humidity in real time. The other two provide the function for user setting the turn number and hatch period length, and displaying the temperature and humidity set before. In the meantime ,user can free to choose the customs ,chicken ,duck ,goose ,dove and pheasant incubation models

power suppy.(not include battery)

2 reviews for 528 eggs hatching incubator with 1 year warranty

  1. Davi Kisingu

    I refer this capacity incubator. Good service

  2. Francis Wanyungu

    So good. Great features. Highly recommended.

    • davii

      thank you

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