newest 48 capacity brand automatic egg incubator with auto tuirning and digital controllers

This fully automatic egg incubator is extremely durable and simple to use. It can hatch chicken, dove, quail or other little fertile bird eggs. Watch your eggs incubate with a transparent lid that perfect for visually monitoring the eggs.

Product Description
★ 48-Eggs Intelligent Automatic Egg Incubator Temperature Control Hatcher for Hatching Chicken Duck Bird Quail Poultry AC110V US Plug This automatic smart incubator, which can hold 48 eggs at one time, is suitable for hatching chicken, duck, quail eggs, other poultry and bird eggs. Digital display of temperature, humidity, egg turning countdown and working days for clear observation. Built in egg turner and smart temperature controller. Perfect for household, laboratory or teaching use! Features: Big Capacity: it can hold 48 eggs for one time. Wide Applications: suitable for hatching chicken, duck, quail eggs, other poultry and bird eggs, perfect for household, laboratory or teaching use. Large LED Display: digital display of temperature, humidity, egg turning countdown and working days. Automatic Egg Turner: separated egg holder, and it will turn the holder automatically every two hours. Smart Temperature Controller: with sensitive temperature sensor, the machine will adjust the temperature timely and accurately. Intelligent Control: automatic smart incubator, with intelligent control for automatic hatching & heating. Temperature & Humidity Alarm: when temperature/humidity parameter is out of the range you set, it will alarm automatically. Easy to Add Water: comes with a 200ml water injector, easy to add water via the water inlet. Clear Observation: transparent lid and built-in light enable you to observe the hatching process clearly. Notices: 1. The eggs for hatching must be fertilized eggs. 2. Read user manual carefully before use. Specifications: Material:plastic Plug Type: EU / UK / US / AU (Optional) Voltage: 220V(EU) / 220V(UK) / 110V(US) / 220V(AU) Power: 80W Egg Capacity: 48 eggs Water Injector Capacity: 200ml Item Size: 47 * 49 * 24cm / 18.5 * 19.3 * 9.4in Item Weight: 2987g / 6.6lb Package Size: 52 * 51 * 30cm / 20.5 * 20 * 11.8in Package Weight: 4284g / 9.4lb
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Three in One Intelligent Egg Incubator

Heating & Humidity & Turning Eggs

This egg Incubator machine included 3 output channels:heating, humidity improver and turning eggs,so you just use this hatching device will complete the entire incubation process, you do not need to buy insulation boxes or other machines, very saves money for you!

Buy With Confidence
  • Power Off Protection
  • When the temperature and humidity inside the box beyond the normal range,it will power off automatically.

    Automatic Egg Turning

    • The incubator is with auto turners,which will turn the eggs around automatically every 2 hours to improve the speed of incubation
    • Ten seconds at a time,Turning egg angle is 30 degrees.

    LED Display Panel

    • Large LED Display Panel is easy for you to track the data of incubation process.
    • It shows temperature, humidity, hatching day & egg turning countdown time

    Easy to Add Water

    • The injector is 150ml,large capacity for you to use a long time!
    • And it is easy to add water,just aim to the injection nozzie,then gently press the injector.

    Package Details

    What you will get from our store?Including the following things:

    • Foam Protection
    • Incubator P
    • ower Cordially, Instruction BookletB
    • est Service at any time

    -Features of poultry machine.

    1. Advance Electronic Thermostat
    2. Automatic turner (every 2 hours)
    3. Temperature Display Humidity Display
    4. Time Remaining prior to next Egg Turning Display
    5. Turbo Fan for Even Heat Distribution
    6. Easy Cleaning Durable construction
    7. Plug In Ready – No Assembly Required

    Title goes here.

    1.Automatic chicken egg incubator—–no egg turning needed,just set and forget it(unless wanted)
    2.Contains a built-in fan to keep air circulated for hatching
    3.Easy to operate, even your kid can learn how to use China incubator
    4.Comes with water pan for adding water and keep humid
    5.High refined design with streamlined shape
    6.Suitable for classroom experiment, hobby or home based hatchery(chicken, pheasant, quail and turtle eggs included)
    7.Temperature setting range:18-45°C


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