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Newest Hatchery 300 Eggs Automatic Incubator


  • High hatching rate
  • Fully automatic
  • Low power consumption
  • Power 180w/12v DC/240V AC
  • Automatically humidity, temperature and turning frequency
  • Microcomputer, completely automatic incubator
  • Full automatically alarming
  • Full automatically egg turning
  • Free back up solar
  • Free delivery country wide
  • Discounted offer
  • IT is equipped with universal egg tray which carry Chicken, duck, geese, turkey, quail and poultry eggs
  • Power 180w/12v DC/240v AC
  •  Advanced roller system includes movable to ensure eggs safely distance, while the rotating shaft turns and pushes eggs roller every2 hours to improve the hatching rate
  • The machine is deal for medium to large scale farmers
  • High speed air distribution fans to ensure uniformity of condition inside the incubator


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