1056 automatic egg incubator with auto turning and LED display

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1.Digital displaying of temperature, humidity and turning frequency


2.Full automatically temperature controlling


3.Full automatically humidity controlling


4.Full automatically eggs turning


5.Full automatically alarming


6.Full automatically cooling and ventilator


7.Back emergency system


8.Microcomputer, completely automatic incubator


9.Hatching rate more than 98%1. Automatic egg-turning (every 2 hours)
2. Automatic ventilation control (every 2 hours)
3. Automatic temperature humidity control
4.110 V-240 V 50-60 Hz
5. CE Professional
6. Incubator warranty is 1year
7. More than 98% hatching rate
8. Combination of setter and hatch
9. Each chicken egg incubator has one set spare parts as gift
(Each spare parts including one heating pipe one
Humidity pipe one electricity motor and one egg candle )
10. Chicken egg incubator hatching eggs Capacity:
Chicken eggs: 1056
Duck eggs: 756
Bird eggs: 2652
Goose eggs: 432

KSh70,000.00 KSh80,000.00

1. Mirco-computer controlled on temperture&humidity. Can keep Temperature with 6 hours blackout
2. Temperature, humidity and turning frequency are displaying, Also adjustable according your actual request
3. Automatic egg turning, automatic alarm on temperature&humidity
4. Easy to install, saving human resource and budget to maximise Your profites. Energy-saving and environment protection
5. Suitable for all kinds of poultry eggs, such as chickens, pigeons, Quail, duck. Turkeys, emu, geese, peacocks, ostrich, snake, etc.
6. Three fans, bigger one is the centre heating system which need to be Working t al times, smaller one is automatic controlling high temperature.
7. A glass window in the door, you can observe the whole hatching process Through the window
8. There are a light inside in chicken egg incubator for hatching eggs, you can use it When you need

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