528 capacity incubator,brands with auto controllers

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Original price was: KSh60,000.00.Current price is: KSh55,000.00.

This 528 Egg Digital Incubator is perfect for home use or educational purposes and activities. It can hatch chicken, dove, quail or other little bird eggs. If the egg trays are removed, this incubator is also versatile for hatching fertile duck, goose and pea eggs!

 1. micro-computer controlled on temperature & humidity;
2. Energy can be electricity ,coal & gas  and so on
3. Automatic egg turning, automatic alarm on temperature & humidity.

4. full automatic,guarantee three years,extra free spare parts for you

5. New body material, look pretty and high hatch rate.

Detailed Pictures:

1) New body material, pretty shape

2) High hatch rate, more than 98%

3) We can make this kind incubator from 88-50000eggs.

3 reviews for 528 capacity incubator,brands with auto controllers

  1. caroline wasike

    your machines are giving me the best service.thanks

  2. kiptanui james

    how can i get your machines,have heard of your best machines

  3. wilson muema

    thanks guys for your good products and services,incase of anything you respond on time

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