528 Fully automatic egg incubator with digital controllers

Original price was: KSh60,000.00.Current price is: KSh55,000.00.

1. Temperature display range: 0~99.
2. Temperature measurement precision: ±0.1.
3. Humidity display range: 0—99%RH
4. Humidity control precision: ±3%RH
5. Output channels: 7-channel (over temperature, temperature control, low temperature, turn eggs left, turn eggs right, humidity control and alarm).
6. Output current: 10A for temperature control and low temperature and 1A for others
7. Number of egg turning: max. 999
8. Egg turning cycle: adjustable between 0 ~999 minutes (90 minutes at factory)
9. Time of egg turning: adjustable between 0 ~999 seconds (180 seconds at factory)
10. Ventilation period: 0 ~999 minutes (adjustable, 0 hour at factory, without ventilation)
11. Ventilation time: 0 ~999 seconds (adjustable, 30 seconds at factory)

1.Automatic egg turner ,it will turn the eggs every two hours.
2.A cute window on the incubator door fou customers to see the specific working in the hatching.It is very convenient for customer to know specific process.
3. With the device of recorded days of incubator,customs will never be bothered by forgetting hatching day.It is also an energy-saving device.
4.The design will guide comfortable surroundings for fertilized eggs only by highing or lowing temperature and humidity alarm.
5.Easy to operate.Automatic temperature and humidity control and with easy-pressed button on the incubator.

The automatic multifunctional hatch controller developed and produced by our Company, with the world popular microcomputer control system (the latest micro-electronic technology and newly advanced parts and units) and imported digital temperature sensor as well as French humicap humidity sensor, is miniaturized, intelligent and in high measurement precision. The controller works stably and reliably, being effort saving, labor saving and easy to operate, and is an ideal hatching equipment for hatch of domestic and rare birds.


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