30 eggs incubator

  • Eggs capacity: 64 eggs
  • Power: 80W/12V DC/ 240V AC
  • Automatic controls of temperature, humidity, ventilation and turning of eggs
  • Combined setter & hatcher

KSh15,000.00 KSh18,000.00

  • Designed to hatch up to 30 eggs at a time
  • Equipped with automatic temperature control to maintain a constant and ideal temperature range for egg incubation
  • Includes automatic humidity control to maintain the appropriate level of moisture in the air for healthy embryo development
  • Features automatic egg turning to ensure even development and prevent the embryo from sticking to the shell
  • Some models may have digital displays that allow you to monitor temperature, humidity, and egg turning frequency
  • Alarms may be included to alert you if the temperature or humidity levels deviate from the desired range
  • Can be used to incubate a variety of bird eggs such as chicken, quail, and duck eggs
  • Compact and portable, making it easy to move and store
  • Ideal for home use, small-scale breeding operations, or educational purposes
  • Easy to use and requires minimal maintenance
  • Provides a convenient and efficient way to hatch eggs without the need for manual monitoring and adjustment of temperature and humidity levels.
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