120 birds chicken battery cages

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  • Birds are easily assessible, dont need to.run after them, they can not be mistaken.
  • Pens are neater as they are easily cleaned out.
  • Health issues are better managed, sick birds are easily separated.
  • Feeding and drinking are easily managed.
  •  Automation becomes possible.
  • Cannibalism and egg eating is reduced or totally avoided
  • Movement around pen is easier.
  •  Epidemy is easily controlled.
  • It is only cost that can make liter preferrable, and over time cage becomes cost effective.
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Poultry Battery Cages can be fabricated as

  1. Single tier battery cages single sided
  2. Single tier  battery cages double sided
  3. Two tier  battery cages single sided
  4. Two tier  battery cages double sided
  5. Three tiers  battery cages single sided
  6.  Three tiers  battery cages double side
  7. Tiers more than three can be provided with either elevated platform or movable stand to allow attendant to reach to the higher tiers

Battery cages can be slanted to allow for drops of manure directly to the floor

Battery cages can also be straight, vertical design whereby manures are dropped in trays, which are removed and cleaned; this allows more cages in the poultry than the slanted type.

To reduce the burden of cleaning, conveyors can be installed in place of tray, which are easily cleaned at the ends.

Position of feeder and drinkers on the battery cages can be adjusted to suit growing chicks.

Poultry Battery Cages can be for LAYERS, BROILERS, COCKERELS and other types of birds.

Eggs roll out easily from the battery cages for collection.

15 reviews for 120 birds chicken battery cages

  1. Ibrahim

    I like the idea very encouraging only the price is abit high

  2. George Simiyu

    Impressive. I plan to acquire one. How do i reach you for more details? My home is in Bungoma.

  3. anne

    yaap good idea and would like to have one am in Mombasa what do I have to do and can you deliver

    • Mkulima wa Ecochicks

      Call Ecochicks 0727087285

  4. Gideon Kurgat

    Hello, I want to buy 120 birds battery cage and I am in Kericho County, how will i get it in terms of delivery and cost? Kindly reply as soon as possible. Regards Gideon Kurgat.


    I would like to buy the 120 chicken battery cage but would also whether it is slanted or straight, and how many tiers!

    • davii

      you can contact us 0727087285

  6. Kitili kyenza

    Would like to have some cages in my farm.How do I get you?

  7. Antony

    I’d like to purchase 2 battery cages but I have no idea of the measurents and do you also deliver up country(Chuka)?

    • davii


  8. kasirye hassan

    This is a good to go well designed project mainly for youth…and we’ll focused folks for higher pay in future.

    • davii


  9. Mbogoh

    Kindly, I would like to know your current location.

    • davii

      Nairobi wakulima house kpcu 3rd floor,call us 0727087285

    • davii

      wakulima hse nairobi

  10. Oyebola Sunday

    I need two battery cage of 120 capacity each.
    What is the cost?
    I live in south west part of Nigeria.

  11. Peter

    I would like to purchase for the 120 chicken cage.how do I get in touch. Kindly advice the soonest possible Nakuru resident.

  12. Johannes

    I wan know conditions
    Want bay 1

  13. Simon Angoyia

    How can I get one. I am in Vihiga. How much is it going for currently.

    • Mkulima wa Ecochicks

      Call us on 0727087285

  14. Monica

    I would like to buy one cage.
    How do I set it up?
    Is it possible to set up without technical assistance?

  15. Ibrahim omar

    Hello, I want to buy 120 birds battery cage and I am in isiolo County, how will i get it in terms of delivery and cost? Kindly reply as soon as possible

    • Charlotte

      Hi Ibrahim, we have available 128 birds battery cage and costs Kshs.35,000 without delivery. Thanks

    • ECOCHICKS Farmer

      Hi Ibrahim, kindly call us on 0727087285 for more assistance. Thanks

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