Hydroponic poultry feeds

This Full-Size Standard fodder Feed System features seven tiers of four 12′ long Premium GT80 Hydroponic Channels to produce up to 100kg of fodder feeds daily.


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There are 16″ between each tier to allow for maximum air movement. This system utilizes 28 channels to produce up to 100kg. of fresh fodder every day. Overall frame dimensions of the Full-Size Standard System are 55.5″ wide by 128″ high by 144″ long.

All of our Fodder Feed Systems come complete with everything you need to start growing hydroponic livestock feed today. Our systems are manufactured in Kenya with the highest quality materials. These systems are built to last and allow livestock owners to reduce their feed costs by over 50% while still providing the high-quality ration needed to optimize the health and performance of their animals.



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