1. Seek out neighbors and chicken farmers in the area

Yes, the internet is full of useful sites for raising chickens, but nothing beats the advice and knowledge of someone with whom you can talk in your area. Seeing other people’s setups will help you troubleshoot your own, and you can have people actually come see your operation and your chickens when you are having problems

2. Be prepared to stumble upon some horrible chicken deaths

Most of the times new beginners in poultry farming have little or nor experience in diseases controls and prevention.  When some diseases strike they sweep the entire flock

3. Don’t expect your chickens to lay eggs on a consistent schedule

The breed helps determines when your chickens should lay eggs, but chickens will often take longer than standard estimates and egg laying will vary with the seasons. Making sure they have good, whole grain food with at least 17 percent protein, a healthy amount of water and ample light will help

4. Plan to spend lot of time on “chicken blogs

Much like how parents pore over blogs and books about what’s ailing their sick children, when  chicken farmers’ hens get sick, they spend lots of time perusing sites


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