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Ecochicks sell the best quality New Imported Fully automatic 128 Eggs incubator with fair price in Kenya

  1. Work on ac/dc supply and inverter: – .it support dual power as well as battery dc power supply. it works with inverter also. if there is no light you can connect directly with battery or inverter
  2. 128 eggs capacity:- it can hatch up to 128 medium sized eggs
  3. High grade abs plastic body: – it is made up of high grade plastic material as per industrial standards and last long
  4. Hatch multiple eggs: – this small egg incubator can hatch different bird’s eggs like hen, goose, duck, quail, guinea etc.
  5. Fully automatic incubator:- it can control temperature and egg turning automatically. turn egg tray in every 2 hours
  6. Egg rolling tray:- it has egg rolling tray , which helps in getting more hatching rate
  7. Fan assisted air flow
  8. Less humidity and temperature loss due to provision of add water into machine from outside.
  9. More temperature and humidity uniformity
  10. Best rolling type Solar powered 128 eggs incubator.

Welcome to Eco and buy this 128 Eggs fully automatic hatchery coming with automatic display of temperature and humidity, automatic Egg tray roller type turning of eggs every 2 hours, drinkers, hatching tray, feeder, it uses low power consumption below 100w, Solar back up, we have both large, medium and small scale farmers suitable for all poultry farmers, Eco is the leading company in Kenya selling the best quality machines with fair price .The machine can hatch all types of poultry Eggs like chicks, quail, turkey, geese, ducks, birds and many more poultry Eggs all size of eggs, full instruction and delivery country wide, for more information call us on 0727087285

New Imported 128 Eggs incubator


  1. How much is,128 eggs solar/electric incubator

    James Mganagani Madubwe
    1. Hi James, the 128 eggs capacity incubator costs Kshs.18,000. Thanks

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